How to watch movies on your Kindle Fire

amazon kindle fire

If you’ve just received a new Kindle Fire, it may not be immediately obvious how to watch movies on your device.

Your Kindle Fire comes with a free month of Amazon Prime, which includes not only free 2-day shipping, but also free Amazon Instant Videos (TV shows and movies).

To watch Amazon videos, tap the “Video” label on the home screen of your Kindle Fire. I’ve highlighted where to tap in the picture:

Amazon Kindle Fire Video selection

Next you will see a screen that looks similar to this:

Amazon Kindle Fire Videos
From this screen you can scroll through the various videos until you find one you want to watch. Then tap the video’s icon, and you can then purchase the video and begin watching it. NOTE: some videos are free, so your purchase price is $0.00!

In order to watch movies on your Kindle Fire using your Netflix account, you need to use the Netflix app.

From your Kindle Fire home screen, tap the “Apps” label:

Amazon Kindle Fire Apps selection

If you do not see the Netflix icon in your list of installed apps, then you will need to install it. Tap the “Store” label from the Apps screen:

Kindle Fire Apps Store selection

Now you will see all the apps available to install on your Kindle Fire. Some are free, some not. But the Netflix app is free, so “purchase” and install the free app by tapping the Netflix icon and following the purchase and installation directions:

Kindle Fire Netflix app selection

Once the Netflix app is installed on your Kindle Fire, you will see its icon on the Kindle Fire’s Apps screen:

Kindle Fire Netflix app

If you tap the Netflix icon to run it, you will be taken to your Netflix account, where you can then select and watch any of your Netflix movies using the Netflix app.

Kindle Fire Netflix movies

Enjoy, and I hope this information has been helpful!

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